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Welcome to Kids’ Turn, Redding, before you can register for our workshops, you must read and agree to the Workshop Rules, including any future amendments.

Terms of Use

Important: Please Read

We fill each workshop with applications (deposit included) we receive on a first-come first serve basis.  Many workshops fill and close;   so don’t wait!

We only hold space for you when your application with  deposit is returned.

If you cannot attend the session for which you have registered you must cancel at least one full week before the start date to receive a refund.

Children must attend with at least one parent.  Each parent is responsible for their own registration process.  Parents attend the same workshop but in very separate groups.  You do not “work-in-group” with the other parent.

We encourage both parents to attend but it is not mandatory. 

Our program works best when the entire family can learn together how to best live within their own family situation.  It helps if you tell the other parent you plan to attend.  In addition, we notify them by mail using the information you give.  If there is a restraining order, past history of violence, or any reason it is not safe for the other parent to come…call our office, and also give the information on you application.

Each family should attend every night of the workshop. 

We award graduation diplomas only to parents who attend at least five nights and have completely paid their fees.  We are strictly confidential; your own diploma is the only record that you have attended.  We will not share information about you or your family with anyone!

We do not keep records, and therefore can never re-issue any diploma.

Kids Turn workshops are for parents and their children only!

No one else should ever come, or even be on campus during sessions.  We do have separate workshops for stepparents and blending family issues.  Please ask about those workshops if there are others wishing to participate.

Kids’ Turn needs to be a safe place for children and parents to discuss very personal issues.  We do not allow ANY parental argumentation on site!

We keep the program feeling safe;  we are confidential and very upbeat.  You and your children will enjoy yourselves and make friends.  You will be surprised how much your family can grow and positively change from your Kids’ Turn experience.

If you have any question or specific needs, call Jenni at the office:  244-5749


The Agreement

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